The Pauses "Unbuilding" Full-Length Cassette Tape

The Pauses "Unbuilding" Full-Length Cassette Tape

The Pauses "Unbuilding" Full-Length Cassette Tape (LL-LP-010)

200 copies • High Quality Professionally-Duplicated Cassette Tapes with full screenprinted packaging, including full lyrics and tiny hand-assembled OBI-strip


A01. Eventually, Everything Connects
A02. Don't Wake Me Up
A03. Digital Detox
A04. Had/Have
A05. The Beginnings of Things
B06. The Best for the Most for the Least
B07. The Means
B08. Heart of the Steal
B09. Animus?

Listen to the entire album over on Spotify (and pretty much anywhere else you stream music).

The Pauses:
Tierney Tough - Vocals, Rhodes, Bass
Jason Kupfer - Guitar, Keys, Electronics
Nathan Chase - Drums, Percussion

Produced & Mixed by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage.
Additional Engineering by Matt Redenbo and Jason Kupfer.
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.
Artwork by Dan Black at Landland.

Additional Instrumentation:
Trumpet on “Eventually, Everything Connects” by Patrick Newbery.
BG vocals on “Don’t Wake Me Up” & “Had/Have” by Janet Morgan.
BG Vocals on “The Means” by J. Robbins.
Timpani on “The Means” by J. Robbins.
Cello on “Had/Have” & “Animus” by Gordon Withers.
Saxophone on “Eventually, Everything Connects” by Bleeding Gums Murphy.