NEW! "These TINY Ghosts" Enamel Pins (Set of Two)

$10.00 - $40.00
NEW! "These TINY Ghosts" Enamel Pins (Set of Two)

Behold! Now there are ghosts. We've made these tiny ghosts, the tiniest critters we could get them to make! Total weirdos. Definitely haunted. The scariest things on this planet Earth. Wear them on something or just put them in a jar somewhere!

• Available as a set of two pins
• The big'n is 1" long from its strange vibrating wing to the very tip of its tail, and its smaller buddy is roughly 3/4" long
• Comes with black rubber backers to hold it secure instead of the bad ones
• Packaged with a four-color hand-screenprinted backer card, because why not?
• For a limited time, get FIVE sets for the price of FOUR (via the drop-down option above). A FLEET OF TEN GHOSTS to haunt whatever!

Design: Dan Black