Official Landland Postcard Set (Blind Mystery Packs)

$7.00 - $12.00
Official Landland Postcard Set (Blind Mystery Packs)


Are you into postcards? How about tiny versions of some of our prints? Want some weird little things to show up in your mailbox? Other people's mailboxes? We urge you to check out these Official Landland Postcard Sets that we've made. Send a thing to your Grandma or your friend or your high school English teacher. Or the police. Also works on your enemy.

• FIVE different postcards, of a COMPLETELY RANDOM assortment of 15 different SCREENPRINTED Landland postcards, and ten or so offset printed ones. This is the finest-detailed screenprinting that we’ve done to date, and frankly I’m really excited that these turned out as well as they did.
• ONE Screenprinted MINI-Test Print, which is a one-of-a-kind process artifact.
• Assorted smaller cards and stickers from any point on our timeline. “Vintage” Landland rarities, mysterious bits, and weirdo things we’ve printed exclusively for these packs.
• ONE screenprinted “Thank You” card from us, to you.
• And, a completely ONE-OF-A-KIND screenprinted belly band to hold the whole mess together, made from our vast trove of Landland test prints.

(ALSO, THERE IS A CONTEST INVOLVED! We went through and randomly wrote out some of these postcards as a sort of “GOLDEN TICKET” thing where you get one of these, mail it to us, and get whatever the postcard says you get. Free posters, mystery stuff, discounts and store credit, dibs on free copies of things we haven’t made yet, and a lot of other things. Could be anything. Postcards are fun. Getting a bunch of free stuff is fun too.)

NOTE: There is NO QUANTITY LIMIT on these. Grab a hundred of them for all we care. Also, these postcard packs will ship separately from poster orders, so there is an additional charge (based on your location). Thanks!