Slow Mass "Music For Ears 2" 7" EP • Ltd. Edition Vinyl Record (Mailorder Variant)

Slow Mass "Music For Ears 2" 7" EP • Ltd. Edition Vinyl Record (Mailorder Variant)

Slow Mass "Music For Ears 2" 7" EP (LL-07-013)

Limited Edition One-Time Pressing of 500 copies:
300 copies • Limited Edition "Mailorder Variant" on Silver Smoke Vinyl
200 copies • Slow Mass "Tour Exclusive" Limited Edition on Orange Smoke Vinyl (Available at the merch table on Slow Mass' Winter tour)
5 copies • Test Pressing (not available)


A01. Mal
B02. I'll Wait With You (Pygmy Lush cover)

All orders include a download card of both songs.

Click HERE to listen to "Mal" on Spotify.

Slow Mass is proud to present: "Music For Ears 2." This is the second release in an ongoing—and possibly never-ending—7” series from the band. Music for Ears features previously unreleased B-sides, covers, demos, soundscapes and more. Anything can be Music for Ears.

Side A features a one-off recording session at Earth Tone Studios, taking place during their first West Coast tour in January of 2019. Side B pairs the chaotic A side with a cover of Pygmy Lush’s “I’ll Wait For You.”

This record is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies, available for the first time on Slow Mass’s 2020 winter tour throughout the south and midwest..

Slow Mass:
Dave Collis - vocals, guitar, trap kit
Josh Parks - guitar, assistant engineering
Josh Sparks - drums
Mercedes Webb - bass
Patrick Hill - engineering, mixing, production
Recorded January 2019 at Earthtone in Sacramento, CA
Additional tracking March 2019 at Type 1 in Chicago, IL
Music & Lyrics by Slow Mass

I'll Wait With You:
Evan Bernard - guitar
Dave Collis - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
Julia Lancer - aux percussion
Ethan Parcell - clarinet
Josh Sparks - drums
Mercedes Webb - bass, vocals
Josh Parks - guitar, engineering, mixing, production
Recorded Jan-Oct 2019 at Type 1 in Chicago, IL
Additional tracking July 2019 by Paul Haile at Greenhouse Recording in Petaluma, CA
Music & Lyrics by Pygmy Lush

Mastered by Zach Weeks at GodCity, Salem MA

Cover Art: Dnl Hrs
Design Assistance: Dan Black
Sleeves screenprinted and hand-assembled at Landland in St. Paul, Minn.