We Release Records

$5.00 - $40.00
We Release Records

You've found the explanation place!

This is a place for the records that we've released on our tiny record label, which we've called (unsurprisingly), Landland Colportage.

Our label is a semi-formal division of Landland, which we have made responsible for occasionally producing and publishing a variety of "limited edition" and/or "handmade" art objects & cultural artifacts, including VINYL RECORDS, AUDIO CASSETTES, FANCY BOOKS, LITTLE ZINES & PAMPHLETS, COLLABORATIONS with special guest artists, T-SHIRTS, PUZZLES, and other "non-flatstock" items of varying importance.

We're very proud to be able to bring this catalog of records and other things into the world, mostly in partnership with our friends in great bands doing really exciting things. It's a really fun thing to be able to do, and we really hope you check this stuff out and enjoy it.

If you want to hear any of this stuff (and see the FULL record label catalog), please feel free to jump over to our Landland Colportage Bandcamp page. Thanks!

Note: You're correct that this weird thing is purchasable. That's not really our intention (or is it?), and it's definitely a byproduct of the way the backend of this store functions, but, because we love fun, and we love doing weirdo stuff, I'll tell you now that if you order one of these "things," either out of sincere curiosity or as a goof, we will send you something. Totally up to us, could be cool, could be dumb (but we'll do our best to make it cool, as we always do). You get what you get, no refunds or tag-backs, no more promise, no more sorrow.