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A poorly-cropped photo of the boys in decembers architects

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Image of A poorly-cropped photo of the boys in decembers architects

A poorly-cropped photo of the boys in decembers architects

BEHOLD! This bad photo of this amazing and criminally underrated & mysterious band! Their album, which nobody has heard, might be one of my favorite albums of all time, but when I released their CD back in 2005, they tested even MY esoteric sensibilities from back then, when I wanted everything to be as difficult as possible. They wanted to be more difficult.

This photo, cropped like shit without even Mark's whole head in it, is proof positive of this weird stubbornness, which I will eternally have a soft spot for. See also: strict lowercase for everything, including the band name, and having the name of their album, which is ", apiary ennui and curiosas. The brew shakes" start with a comma. The title starts with a comma! For what? Who knows? But still, I love them as humans and as a band, and I hope that someday I can give this thing a proper release.

HOWEVER, this is not where you will find a proper release of this album. You were sent here for other reasons. If you happened here by chance, you're not part of the reasons, but if you know, you know, and go forth...

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Also note: We're serious about people being here on purpose. Names on orders here will be matched with names on a list that the knowing know of, and the unknowing shan't lay claim to. Names not found in both places will face our tiny wrath.