Landland Test Print #21-25

Landland Test Print #21-25

Landland Test Print

Many-color screenprint on 100# French or Cougar cover stock • trimmed to 18"x24"
Signed & numbered "1/1", as this is a unique one-off "monoprint"

Illustration/Design: Landland

Note: Our test prints are a weird by-product of the screen-printing process, used primarily to test inks and align registration and print out weird glitches in the screen during a run. Over time, these random layers build up into interesting "accidental" one-of-a-kind compositions. A lot of them end up looking terrible, but every once in a while we come across a few that recontextualize what we're doing in a really great way. Here's one of them.

Also Note: By the time we pull these out, they've been kicking around the studio for a little while. There is printing on both sides. We're really strict about quality control in the shop, but sometimes these prints have weird scuffs or imperfections in the paper or uneven ink...normal stuff for test prints, but worth mentioning in case anyone thinks those things are weird. That said, these prints will be in good shape and definitely suitable for framing or not-framing if you don't feel like it.