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Song of the Sea (Mondo) • Limited Edition Official Poster (16" x 24")


Image of Song of the Sea (Mondo) • Limited Edition Official Poster (16" x 24")

An art print for Song of the Sea, made for Mondo

Seven-color screenprint on 100# Cougar cover stock • 16" x 24"
Signed & Numbered Standard Edition of 200 (Sold Out)
Signed & Numbered Artist Proof (AP) Edition of 55

Illustration/Design: Jessica Seamans

"These were sort of a dream assignment for me as there's nothing I'd rather spend hours and hours drawing than lush foliage or weird underwater landscapes. Both of these movies are so incredibly beautiful and visually dense—it was a welcome challenge to try to capture some of that in a poster. I was lucky enough to visit Ireland a few years ago and was blown away by the green of the woods and the majesty of the cliffs; it was a real pleasure to draw on those memories for these two prints."

—Jessica Seamans

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