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Image of Landland "SCRATCHED, DENTED, JUST FINE, DELETED, WEIRD" Mystery Tube!

Wanna get weird? Allow us to present the Landland "SCRATCHED, DENTED, JUST FINE, DELETED, WEIRD" Mystery Tube!

There are absolutely no promises here, except that if you submit to the process, you will DEFINITELY have a tube of this stuff shipped to your face. No take backs, no last-second forcefields. No playing dead or turning the lights off when the mail truck pulls up front. This is just as much your fault as it is ours.

Not for the weak of heart, this tube will be packed FULL of (somewhere around) TWO (2) ENTIRE POUNDS of some sort of combination of the following:

• Scratched & Dented posters, running the entire history of Landland •

These will be in various condition...some of them are a bit beat up, sure, but a lot of them just have a soft corner or two, and some of them will appear totally fine...just not totally up to snuff for us to send out into the world without the exact disclaimer that you're reading right now (and a hefty discount)!

• "Overstock" •

These are posters that are totally fine, just a bit older and ended up in this other stack for some reason. Consider them a part of a Weird Landland Time Capsule or—at this point, I guess—part of the Deep History of Landland.

• Totally Fine & Pristine-Condition Prints We Only Have One Copy Of •

Sometimes they end up in the other mystery tubes, sometimes they end up over here. It's sorta counter-productive (and an organizational headache) sometimes to just list one of something, so this happens.

• Misprints, Un-Numbered Weirdos We Don't Have The Heart to Destroy •

This could really be anything. Outcasts from the normal editions that made it almost all the way through without getting detected until the very last second, things from the piles that we meant to deal with and (honestly) forgot what we were going to do with, strange anomalies, alternate colorway experiments, honestly...this could be ANYTHING. Take that to mean whatever you want, it's probably fairly accurate.

• Other Old Print Collateral •

This is just, like, old postcards and Landland Promotional Materials that we've held onto. If you've ordered anything from us before, some of this kind of thing was likely in your tube. Business cards. Weird stuff we've ganged up in the margins of other prints. I don't really know. We like making things. A lot.

• Uncut, Un-curated Test Print Sheets •

People who like our Landland Test Prints often ask what the rest of them look like; the ones we don't show off, the workhorse soldiers of the Landland Daily Process and Trial & Error Experiment Situation. These are those. Some are really gnarly, some are cool in their own right. Some have things on them that we can't really let get out into the wild. Nature always finds a way.

NOTE: As with our more-common Landland Mystery Tubes, it's always been the case with these things that we are sensitive about whether or not we are presenting “A Good Deal” for you, which will most assuredly work to your advantage.

The regular-sized fine print: In the past, we've encouraged people to get in touch with what they've already got, to avoid shipping something you already have. THESE TUBES ARE PRE-PACKED, so that's sorta thrown out the window this time. Oh, and this never comes up, but no refunds...either you're feeling lucky or you're not. We'll do our best to take care of you.