Image of Landland Mystery Things!

Landland Mystery Things!


Ok. We're going to give this thing a try and see how well it works...this is a lot like our previous Landland Mystery Tube offer, except that instead of one fixed price, now you get to decide how mysterious you want this thing to be! Dip a toe in the pool, or let us strap you into that weird tunnel car from The Running Man without a safety bar or a net at the end.

How this works: Pick one of the price options above...these prices include shipping to North America (Int'l orders will add $15.00, but we'll factor that into what you end up getting from us). We'll dig through our massive piles of stuff and pull out something (or sometimes a bunch of things) that seems worth whatever you've decided to send us.

Pretty much anything & everything is up for grabs...posters that you've seen on our website, posters you've never seen before in your entire life, postcards and stickers, records, art prints, test prints, original art, mixtapes, t-shirts, death threats scrawled on used bus transfers, old polaroids, "found" art, posters that you thought we've run out of. It's a total dice roll, except this time there's like a hundred different dice, and instead of being able to read any of the numbers, you just kinda hear some weird animal sounds way off in the distance.

As with our $100 Mystery Tubes, we are sensitive about whether or not we are presenting “A Good Deal” for you, which will most assuredly work to your advantage.

The regular-sized fine print: Things got a little weird with the Mystery Tubes, so just to avoid any weirdness, please don't email us with requests...if you want to email us and tell us what you already have (so we don't send you another one), that's totally cool, but none of this "Could one of the posters be a [whatever thing]?" business...we're too nice to not accommodate it, and it just ends up making us bite our nails. Oh, and this never comes up, but no refunds...either you're feeling lucky or you're not. We'll do our best to take care of you.