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Just Like Being There (Official World Premiere)


Image of Just Like Being There (Official World Premiere)

A poster for the SXSW Official World Premiere of "Just Like Being There", a documentary about gigposters and people/studios that make them.

Five-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock, printed over Landland test prints • 18" x 24"
Signed & Numbered Edition of 550

Illustration: Dan Black, Jessica Seamans & Jay Ryan
Design: Dan Black

NOTE: All of these posters were printed over Landland test prints, and as such, they have some fairly slight variations, as well as a fair amount of weird Landland test printing all over the back side. For the most part, they look like the image shown, and they've been trimmed down to size (the edges are nice & crisp & everything), but we thought it would make sense to let you know about the test print factor, just in case you're not down with that for some reason.

ALSO NOTE: We have Artist Proofs (APs) available for this print. Please check the options when available (above "Add to Cart" button) and select either Regular Edition (when available) or Artist Proof (AP). Thanks!