Image of Everybell "song title" b/w "song title" 7" Record

Everybell "song title" b/w "song title" 7" Record


Everybell & Whistle
“song title” b/w “song title” 7” record
3-color screenprint • Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl
Illustration/Design: Dan Black

Side A:
Did You See What They Chased Him With?

Side B:
Frontal Lip Force Coefficient

This record was part of the outcome of my Senior Design Project class at MCAD. During the course of one semester, I set up the framework for what would/will become the Say & Stay Said record label, wrote a thousand papers and gave a bunch of defense presentations, got two bands to record, pressed two 7” records and hand-printed all of the packaging for both.

The packaging for this record completely seals on all sides, with only a perforation at the top for the listener to tear open to get the record out.

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